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(swah-rey) is St. Petersburg’s trendiest dessert bar, and you’ll know why as soon as you step inside. Once the intoxicating smell of our Mini-Cupcakes greets you, you won’t be able to resist the pull of the glass display case to see what other treats we have to offer. Ranging from full-sized, 3-layer cakes to bite-sized Mini-Cupcakes, quality is (swah-rey)’s top priority. We only use the best ingredients in everything we make, and all of our desserts are made in house from scratch – nothing is ever frozen. If you take a look in our kitchen, you won’t find a single freezer! What you might see, though, is butter – our not-so-secret ingredient for why our desserts are so delicious. Butter, instead of vegetable oil, is used in every tasty morsel (swah-rey) churns out, and the flavor and richness it brings to the party is unbeatable. It’s no wonder why customers can’t seem to get enough!


(swah-rey) is probably best known for our Mini-Cupcakes, which come in customizable assortments of 4, 8, 25, or 36, and are the perfect solution for indecisive flavor pickers! And, as if (swah-rey)’s roughly 20 flavors of Mini-Cupcakes weren’t impressive enough, some of those flavors also come in full-sized cake slices! If you’re feeling adventurous, feel free to order a slice all to yourself, but don’t be surprised if you need to enlist help to finish it! Our slices are larger than life – you’ll never walk away hungry.

Dessert Bars

We also have dessert bars, which come in both large and Mini sizes. With a nostalgia reminiscent of a school bake sale and the refinement of a luxury treat, (swah-rey) has perfected the dessert bar. Flavors range from a summery Lemon Brûlée with a crackly sugar topping to a cozy Chocolate Caramel Shortbread. Just ask the employees what their favorite menu item is – many of them will point to a dessert bar!

But (swah-rey) doesn’t just sell dessert bars, we are one too! No, we aren’t made of marshmallow filling (though we wouldn’t mind taking a nap on a bed of graham cracker crust). (swah-rey) is a great daytime and late-night spot and has a number of beverage offerings, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, to satisfy every taste bud. Our Italian espresso machine, Leslie’s pride and joy, churns out lattes and cappuccinos you’ll scarcely find outside of Italy, and our bar counter is fully loaded with draft beer, wine, and champagne. We have tea, hot or iced, and our 625 Central location also offers two flavors of frozen rosé – Frosé! You can choose to go big and order a full-sized drink to pair with that 3-layer slice (we won’t judge), or you can keep things modest and indulge in one of (swah-rey)’s HookUps. Just choose your favorite flavor of Mini-Cupcake and we’ll nestle it on top of a shot glass filled with the beverage of your choice. Some of our favorite combinations are Villa Sandi Rose Prosecco with a Zesty Lemon Mini-Cupcake and DuClaw’s “Dirty Little Freak” Coconut Caramel Chocolate Brown Ale with a Pancakes n’ Bacon Mini-Cupcake. Kids go nuts for milk (dairy or nondairy) topped with a Funfetti Mini-Cupcake, and grown-ups looking for something a little more daytime-friendly often opt for espresso topped with a Chocolate Salted Caramel Mini-Cupcake. As you can see, the options are endless with HookUps. You might just have to try out all the combinations for yourself – plus, you get to keep the shot glass as a souvenir!

Your furry friend will love (swah-rey) too! Since we debuted it on February 20th, 2016 (a.k.a. National Love Your Pet Day), we’ve offered a Pup Mini-Cupcake that’s not only completely safe for dogs to eat, but that they’ll truly love! Some of our most loyal customers are our four-legged friends (though their owners don’t mind stopping in either)!

Many Ways to Order

But the deliciousness doesn’t stop once you leave the shop – we now proudly offer the ability to order from the (swah-rey) app, or from the (swah-rey) website on your desktop or laptop! It’s easier than ever to get your (swah-rey) fill. Just order ahead and pick it up in-store. It’s fast, easy, and minimizes contact!

Come see what makes (swah-rey) so special at one of our two locations on Central Avenue in downtown St. Pete. We can’t wait for you to stop by!

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